The True Artist Is an Amazing Luminous Fountain

The True Artist Is an Amazing Luminous Fountain (Window or Wall Shade) is the first major piece in which Bruce Nauman worked with the medium of text. Like a confession, it proclaims the influential artist’s early interest in language and meaning – in making statements that are all the more challenging because their substance cannot immediately be deciphered. Nauman bought a standard multi-stop roller blind measuring 8 feet long and 6 feet wide and consisting of three horizontally-joined sheets of pink-coated Mylar, that he made the support for a cryptic statement about the nature of the artist: around its edges he wrote, in an attractive serif font, the sentence THE TRUE ARTIST IS AN AMAZING LUMINOUS FOUNTAIN.

What the young Nauman first put forward as a hypothesis on a window blind in 1966, he himself subsequently confirmed. In the first volume of our new series of publications Being an Artist: Bruce Nauman, Christel Sauer approaches the artist and his work through descriptions and classifications of benchmark individual works. Her texts each depart from a major work and open up, from different standpoints, access to the artist, his thinking and his way of working. Each essay offers a key to the understanding of a specific theme and can be read independently of the other texts. Together the chapters provide an in-depth insight into the complexity and scope that distinguish the oeuvre of this ground-breaking artist.

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