Raussmüller is a non-commercial cultural organisation, whose purpose is the research and communication of New Art. It is headed by Urs and Christel Raussmüller and has a collection of key works of European and American art from the second half of the 20th century. The organisation’s central workspace is the Raussmüller Hallen, which arose out of the combination of an industrial warehouse, transformed by Urs Raussmüller, and an extensive new building conceived and built by him. In these halls, the insights that the artist Raussmüller has gained from his decades of experience with artists and works, from his earlier institutions and his cultural concepts, condense into a unique location in which art can be experienced in a holistic manner. The results of the organisation’s research are issued in Raussmüller Publications and at Raussmüller Insights.

‘I gradini mangiano la scala o la scala mangia i gradini’ (front) and ‘Senza titolo’ by Mario Merz at Raussmüller, Basel