The presentation at Spazio Christian Stein in Milan is more than simply another Kounellis exhibition: it is a demonstration out of heartfelt conviction. In a series of spatial installations, Urs Raussmüller and Gianfranco Benedetti – both well-known actors in the sphere of contemporary art for decades – show us from April 28 to October 10, 2015 why they consider Kounellis a leading representative of the recent development of art. They have selected works from Kounellis’ oeuvre which they see as benchmarks of a new, pioneering approach to art. The backdrop to their focus on Kounellis is the New Art that developed in the western world as from the 1960s and which led to a fundamental rethinking of the function and impact of art. The goal of their current presentation is to highlight the original and influential position that Kounellis occupies within this context.