The Raussmüller Hallen in Basel, conceived and realized by the artist Urs Raussmüller, are the materialized culmination of his intensive experiences with artists and their works as well as his groundbreaking cultural concepts and institutions. Architecturally, the Hallen are a symbiosis between a light-filled new building constructed according to Raussmüller’s own plans and the working place of the Raussmüller Organization in a transformed industrial building in Basel St. Johann. The large new halls (2017-2019) in conjunction with the multi-storey functional building (ca. 1978), spatially re-structured by Raussmüller, create a variety of rooms and volumes in which space and light fuse and interact to meet the demands of the often large-scale, three-dimensional works. This play of light and space is designed to generate awareness of the importance of an artistic understand that is based on a fundamentally new world view.

Raussmüller’s new building is unprecedented. Based on his artistic vision, its realisation includes all steps of conception, architectural planning and execution. The result is a two-story building with high ceilings and support-free spaces that are characterized by the incoming daylight. The dimensions, simplicity and integrity of the two halls create a greatness that radiates from within. Raussmüller’s premise was to build his new halls “with light”, and indeed, the exceptional lighting in the inwardly oriented spaces is a decisive feature.

Raussmüller realized his new building with a small team and under his own direction. He equipped it with all the technical devices needed to preserve the works of art and conceived it primarily as a place of work, a “work hall”, not as a museum. He is currently planning the fittings and installations on both floors, which are designed to structure the “hyperspace” to create spatial units for the installation of art works. For the time being, the Raussmüller Hallen are reserved for the activities of the Raussmüller Organization and its focus on New Art. The objectives include the installation and conservational supervision of important works of art, their research and documentation, and the preservation and transfer of knowledge and experience that Urs and Christel Raussmüller have gained with art and artists over a long time. Insights into the working processes and activities are made available in publications and via

Technical aspects of the new building: The floor area of the halls is approx. 60 x 25 m each, the room height on the first floor is approx. 7.50 m, on the upper floor approx. 13.80 m. The specially designed window panes in the skylight (top floor) and sidelights (ground floor) distribute the changing daylight almost without casting shadows over walls and floors.