The workspace of the Raussmüller Organisation, a former warehouse in the Basel industrial quarter of St. Johann transformed by Urs Raussmüller, was extended by a spacious new structure. With Raussmüller’s concept and architecture, a two-storey building was created with high and column-free rooms characterized by natural light. In addition to the existing situation and optimally equipped with all technical devices for the protection of the artworks, it enables the adequate installation, experience and processing of representative works of New Art.

The Raussmüller Hallen are a private initiative of Urs and Christel Raussmüller. They were planned as a place of research and workspace for the Raussmüller Organisation rather than a museum for the public. Raussmüller has created an ambience appropriate to art that motivates to explore the achievements of an innovative art epoch, to document the proceedings of pioneering artists, and to pass on his knowledge and experience to a younger generation. A future opening of the venue for art-related events is planned as part of a long-term concept.

As the work of the artist Urs Raussmüller, the Raussmüller Hallen are in a sequence of institutions that exemplarily connect rooms and works of art and have established a new form of presentation of art. (The “Hallen für Neue Kunst” in Schaffhausen, for example, created and operated by Raussmüller for 30 years still have an international impact as a “Schaffhausen model” even after their closure.) Raussmüller has conceived his new space by “building with light” and has thus, once again, put his idea of an inspiring place for art and perception into practice.