The Raussmüller Collection is an art collection of worldwide relevance. It includes the main works of European and American art from the second half of the 20th century. Key works of American Minimal Art and European New Art, incomparable work groups of new painting and main works of so-called Arte Povera all belong to the Raussmüller Collection.

As early as the 1970s, the artist Urs Raussmüller purchased works by Robert Ryman, Bruce Nauman, Mario Merz, Sol LeWitt, Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Robert Mangold, Jannis Kounellis and other groundbreaking artists. Again and again, he assisted in making the creation of important works possible at all. At the same time, he created architectural and institutional structures in order to give the works adequate space and time so that they could unfold their effect (i.e.: Hallen für Neue Kunst, Schaffhausen, 1984-2014; Raussmüller Hallen, Basel). Raussmüller sets standards in his presentation of New Art.

Raussmüller’s activites all have the objective of making the artistic potential of the collection a creative impulse for social development by way of communication. This is the reason we have made important works available to the public, created international exhibitions and art sites, published texts and developed innovative museum and communications concepts. (see: Raussmüller Publications and Raussmüller Insights) The Raussmüller Collection is administrated and processed in Basel.